A bit about me.
A few things to know about me! 
Hi....My name is Joe.
So let's get into it. Photography and videography are my game and if you ever asked me what I thought about them, the only answer you would get back from me is.....AWESOME!
I have been dabbling at both of these for quite a few years and each time, the more I created content, the more I enjoyed the work. They are about the creativity, and the uniqueness of your personality and visually describe you as a person. I work in several different types of photography from wildlife to landscape. There is no limit to the wonders you can capture with your lens. 
I originally came from a fitness background, being a personal trainer for quite a few years, and became an online personal trainer during COVID-19. It was only after I started the business that I realized how much I love Photography and Videography through creating regular content and advertising for my company as well as the enjoyment through editing my content. 
Now, I create content that is used for estate agencies, retail companies, and clothing brands, but specialize in taking photographs for hotels, restaurants, and venues.
I take every assignment as a challenge for myself, to better both myself and create amazing content that would make you proud to own. Follow along with me on my journey as I produce more content, improve my skills as a photographer and videographer, and enjoy working together to get results.

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